The master himself, Daegan Smith (The King of never having to call leads) stresses the idea of story telling.

People want and need to be drawn into your message…By blatantly just posting your link and telling someone to go get something, you are unlikely to achieve a sale in the process and instead risk losing your customer base.

When you draw them in by inviting them into your live and showing how similar yours may be to theirs, they develop that sense of trust and get to know you on a deeper level.

People will pay good money to go to the movie, buy the t-shirts and posters and more, then do it all again with the sequel.  Just think about doing this with your business as well, by taking them on a trip that brings about certain pleasures or helps them avoid pains.

Daegan Smith has been doing this for some time and dives deep into getting you to feel the emotion of what he is putting out into the universe…You get to know him and realize he is just like us, only he has tested the heck out of his marketing practices and therefore knows what works and what might not work.

You can get a free look in to the life and products of this Story “selling” genius here: Maximum Leverage

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