Ramp up your social media with Sokule, which is like Twitter on steroids.

If you are not on the social scene, you are doing yourself and your business a dis-service.  There are many to choose from and you can become an expert in one over the other.  The key is to find some balance between many of the major players like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the ever growing Sokule (pronounced So Cool)

Jane Mark and Phil Basten have taken social media to another level with this platform that I liken to twitter on steroids.  You are able to add short mini posts (Squeeks) just like you can in twitter and so much more, depending on your membership level.

It is free to join and set up an account, though you have an option to advertise and take advantage of other settings that will make your experience more profitable, including a downline builder, affiliate tools, adding your own videos as well as live social media links and much more.

The founding member levels are going fast, so why not grab yours today before they go up again.

You can grab your FREE Membership…or an upgraded Founders Level as well at Sokule

Another awesome trick that can be performed easily with Sokule is setting your messages to go out whenever you want…Just log in, set and take a couple days off if needed, though make sure you check into your social media whether here or on another site so you can engage with others and develop the appropriate relationships necessary to bring more customers into your business.

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