No one ever wants to have their sites be hacked or be taken advantage of in the terms of fraud.

We all want to feel safe, whether it is in our homes, out in public or browsing the internet and buying or selling goods.  Once a credit card is involved a red flag should go up in regards to maintaining safety and protection of yourself and your customers.  Paul Niesenbaum gave some extremely valuable bits of information (that you see some of in this site) within his chapter in the book.

Did not get the book yet, be sure to click on the Masterminds Link here or in the menu above!

This information alone could save you well beyond whatever it was you actually paid for this book in terms fraud charges, disputes and more.

With too many refunds and chargebacks (when I customer goes right to their credit card company and gets the charges removed, often complaining that they are fraudulent and they themselves did not approve of them) you end up being the one to blame and the merchants may close you down and hold all of the monies collected until a complete investigation can occur (sometimes taking months to solve)

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