Whether you are making physical products or digital ones, you need to know where to market them.  For Physical products that are also available in a Digital version, Clickbank has been a leading platform to list your content.

Their extensive network of affiliates allows now only you to promote and market your product, but also others to market it as well and earn commissions.

Most people use clickbank for strictly digital products, though personally I have sold products there and also provided the customer with a physical copy as well.  You could also list or sell the physical versions as an upsell to the offer.

Start Selling your products on Clickbank here

Another platform that I have given away products on and still earned money is with a company called TrialPay, where you form an agreement with many companies who pay you when someone takes a trial offer for their service in order to get one of your products for free.

For example, I can tell my list I am giving away my book for free when they take part in a small trial offer (often free) and that once they complete the offer I will send them their product.  The company then pays me as they have now developed a new customer as well.  This is similar to a cost per action agreement and the lower pricepoint you set on your product the more businesses your viewers will have to choose from.  A higher priced item may only provide 3-5 trial offers, like a new credit card for example, which might have as much as a $50 payout.

I have had people take the credit card and made $50 on a product that normally would have cost them only $30 after shipping.

Start Giving away your products with Trialpay here


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