It would not be good marketing if I did not give you a chance to get more and help out again in building a school in Kenya.  You will only see this offer one time though, so choose wisely.

As I feel you are more apt to read and take action on what you are presented with, I want you to have some of the physical books that you can use as a learning tool and resource and bring wherever you want.

1) Riding With Gurus: You just grabbed the digital version to use on your computer or ipad etc., so now grab one to carry around!

2) Butterfly Marketing 3.0: Learn all about the small changes you can make in your business that lead to exponential growth

3) The Execution Factor: Getting started is sometimes the hardest thing to accomplish.  Not after you read this book!

This is another win-win situation

You get to win with some awesome marketing tools and the kids get to win with more being built in Kenya

*This is set up through Paypal and due to the nature of it being donated to build a school, I will not be able to offer a refund on this one time offer.  If you feel as though you care to share and help out, go ahead and click that button below to grab your 3 book pack that will be delivered to your house, otherwise there is a “No Thanks” link below to bring you to your original purchase.

No Thanks, I just want the digital book and am not interested in the physical books I can hold in my hands that will also help build another school in Kenya!

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