Now is your chance to Help Us Pack The Bag’s to Kenya

In March of 2012, I started a new course by Russell Brunson called Dot Com Secrets X that trained us on ideas such as the Golden Sequence with driving traffic to your sites with the help of solo ads and safelist’s over a 30 day period.

They had a $1 fee and were donating this to the Make a Wish foundation which is a cool thing to do.  They were also donating a percentage of each monthly fee (after a 30 day free trial) and giving that to the World Teacher Aid Organization run by Stu and Amy McLaren who were building schools and developing feeding programs in Kenya.

What DCSX also did was opened up a contest to bring one of the students along with them to help see the school be built and lend a hand in Kenya as well.  Following the techniques from the course, I ended up being the winner of the 2012 contest and you can see my entrance video here that helped me win.

For 10 days I was able to travel Kenya, help out in getting the buildings to be ready for the school opening, introducing them to a new sport (Lacrosse), visiting an orphanage and spending 4 amazing days on Safari in the Masai Mara.  It was a truly unforgettable experience as can be seen in these videos.

Here is a great one of us handing out school supplies to very appreciative students:

Now the Introduction of Lacrosse to Kenya

Now my goals are to continue to have a presence in Kenya, even if I am unable to win the DCSX contest a second time and this is where your help comes in.  My goal is to continue to bring materials over for the students and teachers as well as help with the feeding programs and new buildings and would like to provide you with an opportunity to donate in any way that you can. Every bit helps and will go towards the World Teacher Aid Organization who oversee all of the financials and purchases involved.

Thanks for helping out to make these kid’s lives brighter

It is images like these of one of the young students with a huge smile that show you how much our presence there means to them.


How You Can Help Out Now!  Every Bit Helps

*NOTE: Your Donation will be entered to “Barefoot Enterprises, LLC” as seen in the image below (click image to see a close up)

Kenya school Donation Image

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