In order to take control of your online presence, you need to have your own domain and web hosting.

When you start out, you could take the easy route and get yourself a free blog through wordpress or similar, though the problem starts right there…If it is free, it does not necessarily mean it is good for you.

Just as easy as they gave it to you, they can take it away from you as well.  If they find you are doing things that are not considered appropriate, they can remove you and delete everything you worked up to at that point.

Having your own domain as well as your own hosting is the way to go to benefit more and be able to do what you want to your website.   One of the biggest attractions of having your own blog is the idea of being able to add plugins to make your website work the way you want.  If you self-host, you can do this, however if you use Word Press to host for you, they limit what you put on their servers as they do not want you to put random materials inside.

I have over 100 domains and typically buy them all with GoDaddy and suggest them, though there are other services as well.

With hosting, I have been using GVO since July 2009 and have been pleased with their services since.  Not only can you host your own sites, but they also have a suite of tools that will help you run your full online business and start out at an extremely competitive $10 a month for items like an autoresponder, hosting, live conference call/webinar software, training and much more.

The ability to grow a downline and promote these services to earn commissions is also another major value here that many of the other providers do not have as an option.

Find out more about GVO and hosting your own sites here: GVO Host The Profit

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